Why WAIT till retirement to do those things?

Retire now, don’t wait! Why are you working, going-home, then working, going-home?  Keep going like that, and where does it get you?

Hi there! I’m a New England person considering retiring early or at least LIVING AS THOUGH I AM.  I want to share my tricks on how to do this, with you, as I go through it so that others may do it too!

…I did 6 months of financial analysis and found,… I need to pay the bills… I CANNOT retire “now.”  I want to relax, or just get some gardening done, or learn a new language or musical instrument.ONE DAY:

Sabrina asked me, WHY WAIT TILL RETIREMENT to change your life?  Just do some of those things now.

Which is brilliant of course.  I’m sure I’d heard this before just never really took it on.   I’ll create a few pages as I go through this midlife crisis, if you like to call it?   I enjoy helping people (my career based on it) so I’ll share my tips/ tricks with you.